12-13 October 2021
Yokohama Japan



DAY ONE // 12 October 2021

09:00-09:15 (15 mins)

Opening Remarks I

Tadashi Mogi, Director-General, Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy Department, MET

09:15-09:30 (15 mins)

Opening Remarks II

Hiroaki Ishizuka, Chairman, NEDO

MORNING SESSION // Hydrogen Society

09:30-10:00 (30 mins)

KEYNOTE: Japan’s Strategy for Hydrogen Society

Toshiyuki Shirai, Director, Advanced Energy Systems and Structure, Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Strategy Office, Agency for Natural Resources and Energy, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)

10:00-11:00 (60 mins)

PANEL: International Cooperation to Facilitate Integrated Hydrogen Economy

· International cooperation to build a hydrogen supply chain, increase the scale of production, and reduce costs
· Seeking engaged international partners to undertake demonstration projects that deliver tangible results

11:30-12:30 (20 minsx 3)


KEYNOTE: Hydrogen Smart City Kobe Initivative

KEYNOTE: Large-scale Hydrogen Utilisation in Aichi Prefecture

KEYNOTE: Overview of Fukushima Hydrogen Energy Research Field

AFTERNOON SESSION // Supply Chain, Production & Green Hydrogen

14:00-14:20 (20 mins)

KEYNOTE: Strategy for Renewable Hydrogen Development

14:20-15:10 (50 mins)

PANEL: Hydrogen Supply Chain: Manufacture, Production, Storage, Transport and Use

· A measure to reduce the cost of hydrogen supply in combination of low-cost energy with CCS
· Using electrical power produced from renewable sources to produce a gaseous fuel (hydrogen) and store it

15:10-15:30 (20 mins)

KEYNOTE: Sector Integration for Latest Hydrogen Solution

15:50-16:40 (50 mins)

PANEL: Scaling Up Green Hydrogen Production: Opportunities For Developers & Utilities

· Cost challenges of producing green hydrogen with high renewable energy prices and prohibitively expensive electrolysers
· Expanding the introduction of renewable energy as well as ensure the stable operation of the power system simultaneously.

16:40-17:00 (30 mins)

KEYNOTE: Case Study & Latest Technology

17:00-17:50 (50 mins)

PANEL: Hydrogen Production: Optimising Solar & Wind Projects with Advanced Water Electrolysis

 Study of Hydrogen Electrolysis Development Renewable Energy Farms
· Reducing the capital cost of the electrolyzer unit and the balance of the system, and improving energy efficiency for converting electricity to hydrogen

DAY TWO // 13 October 2021

09:00-09:10 (10 mins)


Chair Person


09:10-09:40 (30 mins)

KEYNOTE: Encouraging Hydrogen Depolyment

09:40-10:30 (50 mins)

PANEL: Creating Infrastructure, Policy Framework and Investment on Path of Hydrogen Economy

· Business models – how to invest in future infrastructure for energy, mobility and industry
· What will it take to encourage and grow demand for green/blue hydrogen

11:00-11:40 (40 mins)

PANEL: Sector Integration in Hydrogen Application: Transport, Building and Power Generation

· Current Situation where abundant power generated by renewables can be utilized to produce hydrogen
· Decarbonizing hydrogen sector integration: power, heat, transport, building and industry sectors

11:40-12:10 (30 mins)

KEYNOTE: Future Energy Sponsor Presentation


Hydrogen Innovation Box

KEYNOTE B: Marine Transportation

KEYNOTE A: R&D on Liquefied Hydrogen Technologies


14:00-14:50 (50 mins)

PANEL: Production, Integration and Application of Green Hydrogen in the Mobility

· Promoting effective operation, and facilitating a positive cycle of improved convenience for FCV users
· Contribution to efficient hydrogen station operation

14:50-15:20 (30 mins)

KEYNOTE: Expeditng Hydrogen Mobility & Fuel Cell Development

15:20-15:50 (30 mins)

KEYNOTE: Hydrogen Safety

15:50-16:40 (50 mins)

PANEL: Fueling the Future of Japan Hydrogen Infrastructure

· Building up a commercial-based domestic system for efficiently distributing hydrogen
· Full-fledged operation of manufacturing, transportation and storage of zero-carbon emission hydrogen by 2040

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